VitalAction Coaching is located in Calgary, is it the only location where your leadership development services are provided?
We meet your emerging leaders wherever they are in the world ( Africa, Europe, North America…) We also do virtual work to help mitigate the cost. Additionally, all our leadership programs are provided in either English and/or in French. If you have specific needs in terms of languages provided , let’s have a conversation.
What is activity based training or experiential learning?
The Activity based learning  or experiential learning approaches let the participants experience new concepts, processes or new skills in a controlled environment through supervised coaching, this includes debriefing and reflection . According to the National Training Laboratory, most learners only remember about 10% of what they read, but retain 75% of what they learn by doing.
Does VitalAction Coaching cater to large corporations ?
Yes we work with large size corporation! VitalAction Coaching has a network of handpicked consultants with the right credentials, mindset and experience to deliver our services wherever you are in the world. Through coaching and supervision we ensure our standards of excellence are met.
I heard that individual coaching is expensive, is it right ?
At VitalAction Coaching our structure is lean and flexible so we can meet your budget. Besides the price you also need to look at the (ROI) Return on investment from coaching: A study by Baruch College researchers Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, and Richard E. Kopelman found that a training program alone increased productivity 28 percent, but the addition of follow-up coaching to the training increased productivity 88 percent.  Our approach to Experiential training combined with transformative coaching gives you a better return on your dollar invested.

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