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Coaching powered by 20+ years of experience spanning multiple industries.

Among many other fields, the VitalAction team has worked in resource extraction, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail. We also have experience in both the private and public sectors and have worked in a number of different international regions.

In other words, we’re comfortable everywhere. We’ll work with you in your offices, on in the field from the back of a pickup truck. We’ve even coached on top of a sludge tank!



Make the unique challenges facing the mining sector easier to manage with industry-specific leadership coaching.

Oil & Gas

Put years of relevant, industry experience on oil & gas projects across the globe to work for your leadership team today.


Give your management team the tools they need to lead and watch as your whole business reaps the benefits.


Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations with evidence-based leadership coaching from VitalAction.


Tap into our extensive experience working with telecommunication companies in Canada and across the globe.


Improve morale, optimize efficiency, and boost the bottom line at your retail operation with expert coaching today.

Evidence-Based Coaching that Gets Result

VitalAction’s innovative, evidence-based coaching solutions are backed by some of the most recognized and well-respected governing bodies in the coaching industry. We combine these professional resources with our industry experience to develop customized coaching plans designed to help your company thrive.

DiSC Assessments and Workshops

Before becoming a great leader, it is essential for Frontline managers and other key personnel to develop an understanding of their own professional tendencies and preferences.

As an authorized partner with DiSC, VitalAction puts 40+ years of industry-respected research to work for you through assessments and workshops.

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Five Behaviours of a Team

Teamwork is essential to the productivity of your organization. Individuals, no matter how talented, need to work together to unlock maximum value.

“The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team“ is a New York Times bestseller with over 2.5 million copies sold, and as an authorized partner, VitalAction can bring the benefits directly to your office.

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