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Ready to put innovative coaching backed by research and evidence to work for you?

At VitalAction, we don’t believe in guesswork or shortcuts. The only way to ensure that leadership coaching results in long-term success for our clients is by putting the work in and using research-backed, evidence-based methods that have been proven to work.

What is Evidence-Based Coaching?

From mastering new skills to retaining vital information, scientific studies over the past several decades have revealed a lot about how humans learn and develop in adulthood. Evidence-based professional coaching taps into this extensive database of developmental evidence to create sustainable coaching practices.

Think of it in the context of professional sports: Twenty years ago, coaches motivated their players by screaming at them, and used fear and intimidation to get results. In recent years, professional sports teams have used scientific studies into human behavior to determine that, though this method does get results, it does not necessarily get the best results, and have adjusted their coaching style accordingly.

Evidence-based coaching applies this logic to a professional setting.

Key Benefits of Vital Action’s Evidence-Based Coaching Solutions

  • Maximize the Efficiency of Your Team
  • Improve ROI (and Coaching ROI)
  • Boost Organizational Morale
  • Receive Continued Guidance & Support
  • Flexible, Adaptable Coaching
  • Experience in Many Industries
  • Bilingual Services (English & French)
  • Accredited by Top Coaching Organizations

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